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The Plumber’s Plumber

Lee County PlumbersOur company began in 1982. Since then, we have become the experts in Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Repairs. Our customers include restaurants, homeowners, condo buildings, mobile home parks, utility companies and Plumbers. Although a large amount of our business is with homeowners, we have had great success in working with other Plumbers. That is the reason that in 2009, we changed the name of our company to The Plumber’s Plumber, Inc.

Our Staff

We send you our clean, respectful, licensed and competent plumbers in the timeliest manner. The Plumber’s Plumber ensures that all of our Service Technicians have properly fulfilled the state requirements and remain in good standing. All licensed technicians are required to annually attend continuing education courses. The continuing education classes detail any changes in workmanship standards geared to improve the safety and welfare of our customers.

Because The Plumber’s Plumber Service Technicians must often perform services within a person’s home, our professional policies are second to none. Our service technician training program extensively covers our expectations and procedures to ensure our customers receive quality service at a reasonable price with the utmost attention to detail, and additionally, The Plumber’s Plumber employees undergo a thorough background screening process prior to their employment.

The Plumber's Plumber has been featured in an article of the Trade Magazine, Feb 2017.
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