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The Plumber's Plumber Before and After Pipe Lining

Before and After Pipe Lining

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Before Pipe Lining:

In this first video, notice that the inside of the pipe is rough and shows a significant amount of corrosion. Around the 7 foot mark, a large crack can be seen in the bottom of the pipe. This can lead to tree roots entering the pipe, eventually clogging it up. Alternatively, the cracked pipe can also leak into the surrounding area and can lead to higher bills, pollution, and significant damage to your property or home.

Before Pipe Lining

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After Pipe Lining:

Rather than dig up and excavate the surrounding area, this client relied on our trenchless pipe lining solutions to get the problem solved. To fix this cracked pipe, we inserted a liner into this section in order to completely reseal the afflicted area. Notice the smooth finish that will keep things flowing for years to come! The crack is also completely patched, further preventing any roots that may try to reenter your pipes or sewer lines.

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After Pipe Lining

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