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Don’t Fall Prey to These Plumbing Scams

Don’t Fall Prey to These Plumbing Scams

Truly reputable plumbers are honest, knowledgeable, and dependable. Unfortunately, not all plumbers have these qualities. Others scam and scheme their way out of professional and honest work. Luckily, you can always count on a certified plumber in North Fort Myers, FL from The Plumber’s Plumber, but you should also be aware of these common plumbing scams.

1.  Fishy Money Grabbing Tactics

A professional plumbing company will provide you with an invoice, receipt, or document detailing the transaction involved in the service. Meanwhile, a suspicious plumber likely accepts nothing but cash and does not make any effort to record the transaction legally and safely. This is commonly done to avoid taxes or get out of taking accountability for mediocre service. Also, avoid paying plumbers who ask for an upfront deposit that is more than 10% of the total cost of the service.

2.  Unlicensed, Uncertified, Unreliable

You can usually tell whether or not the person you hired is going to provide professional plumbing services. Most reputable companies have branded company vehicles, uniforms, and more. An unscrupulous plumber has neither of those nor can present any proof of licensing or certification. Always do your due diligence when looking for a plumber for your needs.

3.  Inconsistent Service and False Promises

While quality plumbing repairs are usually done by those who are licensed plumbers, it doesn’t mean that they are not capable of scamming. Look into their website and check out their reviews. Are they consistent with providing satisfactory service to their customers? Have they been able to uphold and stand behind the things they tell customers about the services they offer? You may also ask for their references and contact their previous clients about their experience with your potential plumber.

Don’t let your plumbing system fall into the wrong hands. Contact the experts at The Plumber’s Plumber today for emergency plumbing services and more. We’re more than happy to present our qualifications to prove that we can address your plumbing concerns right the first time. Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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