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Helpful Tips on Preventing Sewer Backups in Your Home

flushing toilet sewer backups North Fort Myers, FL

Sewer backups can be frustrating for any homeowner. Not only do they cause inconvenience, but they can also lead to expensive repairs and cleanups. While backups usually happen when you least expect them, you can take several preventative measures, like getting prompt trenchless sewer repair in North Fort Myers, FL, to reduce the likelihood of this problem occurring.

The Plumber’s Plumber shares handy tips on steering clear of sewer backups:

Dispose of Waste Properly

Improper waste disposal is one of the leading causes of sewer backups. Flushing non-biodegradable materials, such as baby wipes, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products, down the toilet can clog your sewer system and cause a clog.

To prevent this, throw waste in the trash can and flush only human waste and toilet paper. Furthermore, it pays to have your sewer line inspected by a professional to see if trenchless pipe lining is necessary.

Avoid Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Pouring fat, oil, and grease down the drain may seem like a convenient way to get rid of it, but it can cause serious problems in your sewer line, leading to untimely trenchless pipe replacement or repair. These substances can solidify in your pipes, leading to blockages and backups. Instead, collect grease in a disposable container and put it in the trash.

Install Backwater Valves

A backwater valve is a device that prevents sewage from backing up into your home. It provides extra protection against overflows. If your pipeline is on its last legs, however, we recommend a complete trenchless sewer replacement before installing a backwater valve.

Perform Regular Sewer Line Maintenance

Routine sewer maintenance can help prevent backups by identifying potential issues before they become full-blown. At The Plumber’s Plumber, we inspect sewer lines using a specialized camera to identify any clog or damage to the system. If we detect any issues, we may conduct trenchless pipe repair to fix the issue.

Keep Trees and Shrubs Away from Sewer Lines

Trees and shrubs can be a beautiful addition to your landscape, but their roots can cause significant damage to your sewer line. Roots can grow into pipes, causing blockages and backups. Keep trees and shrubs at least ten feet away from your sewer line to prevent this.

If you experience a backup, get in touch with The Plumber’s Plumber immediately to prevent further damage. We are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency response.

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