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How to Keep Pipe Clogs From Recurring

greasy pan and plates on the sink

Your drain pipes can get clogged over time if not well taken care of. It typically occurs due to grease, food waste, scale buildup, and tree roots. Without proper care, it can eventually hinder water flow and cause waste to back up into your home. Worse, it can recur and leave you with costly repairs.

To thoroughly clean the pipes, you can consult The Plumber’s Plumber for hydro jetting in Fort Myers, FL. Read on as we share simple ways to prevent clogs from coming back.

Proper Maintenance

We recommend hiring a professional to maintain your drains annually. During the process, they will thoroughly inspect the system using an advanced camera, which sends footage of what is inside the pipes. This allows you to spot hidden issues early and locate obstructions, so you can fix them at once. The crew may also conduct hydro jetting services to flush any debris stuck inside the pipes.

Avoid Using the Toilet as a Wastebasket

You might be tempted to dispose of personal hygiene products in the toilet, like Q-tips, cotton balls, and tampons. However, these products don’t dissolve in water, which is why they will only end up clogging your pipes. While pipe jetting can provide a long-lasting solution to this issue, prevention is still better than cure. Be sure to flush only human waste and toilet paper.

Avoid Pouring Grease Down the Drains

Grease is among the leading causes of blockage on drain and sewer lines. That is because it hardens when it cools down and clings to the pipe’s interior. When this happens, hair, dirt, and other debris can latch on the congealed grease, forming a tough clog that only sewer jetting can remove. That said, always throw fat, oil, and grease in the garbage bin. Also, make it a habit to wipe greasy pans, plates, and utensils with a paper towel before washing them in the sink.

The Plumber’s Plumber specializes in hydro jetting and other proven methods to keep your pipes efficient and clog-free for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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