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Main Causes of Water Main Leaks

plumber in Cape Coral, FL

A leak in the water main on your property can lead to many problems and end up costing you a ton of money in repairs and high water bills. At The Plumber’s Plumber, we want you to know that when you need emergency plumbing services to repair a leaky water main, we're here to help.

A variety of factors can cause a leak in a water main. The critical thing to keep in mind is to catch the signs of leak early before severe damage is done or large amounts of water are wasted. Our expert plumber in Cape Coral, FL can quickly identify where the leak has occurred and make fast, efficient repairs to solve the problem quickly. Here are a few causes of water main leaks to help you identify if you have a damaged water main. 

Severe Weather

When the weather gets below freezing, the ground above and around the pipe can freeze and put extra stress on the pipe, causing it to crack or break. If you live in an area where the temperatures get below freezing regularly, and you suspect you have a cracked or broken water main, shut off the water to your home and call one of our experts for the proper plumbing services.

Older Plumbing

As an experienced plumbing company, we understand that regardless of how well you maintain your pipes, they would need to be replaced later on. It would be best if you replaced older pipes before they break or crack to prevent damage to your yard and extensive water loss.

Type of Pipes

Water mains before 1980 were mostly composed of iron, and iron is not a very forgiving metal when it comes to expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. For this reason, iron water mains tend to experience more cracks and breaks than water mains composed of other materials.

When you need professional plumbing repairs, contact The Plumber’s Plumber and let us send you an expert to handle all of your water main repairs and other plumbing needs.

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