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Drain Cleaning Cape Coral, Florida

It’s happened to all of us: Sometimes, we think we’ve found the best solution to a problem, but in reality, we’ve made matters much worse. In our 30 years in business, here are the four most common mistakes we have seen Cape Coral property owners make with their drains that exacerbate common plumbing problems and make what could have been a minor drain cleaning situation more difficult.

1. Reaching for the Chemicals

Visit any hardware or grocery store in Cape Coral, and you’ll see many different types of chemical products that make it seem as if drain cleaning is a straightforward, DIY job. However, when you have a clog on your hands, it’s better to pass up these commercial drain cleaners. They often don’t solve the problem, and to add insult to injury, they can also leave you with bigger problems on your hands. The chemicals in liquid drain cleaners are not only toxic and dangerous to handle and breathe in, but they can also corrode plumbing pipes and cause further damage. The best way to stop clogs is to prevent them before they happen by being diligent about keeping hair and grease out of your drains.

2. Attempting to Solve the Plumbing Problem Without the Proper Training or Equipment

Yes, it can be irritating to deal with a bathtub that’s slow to drain or a toilet that refuses to flush properly, but DIY plumbing is never a good idea. Everyone’s seen a YouTube video of someone claiming to have cleaned out a drain using an unbent wire hanger. However, this is yet another “miracle solution” that can make plumbing problems much worse – prodding at a clog usually just pushes the blockage further down into the pipes. Instead, call a professional like The Plumber’s Plumber, with the specialized knowledge and tools to clean a drain thoroughly.

3. Treating the Toilet Like a Garbage Can

Many products that are claim to be “flushable” really aren’t. If you want to avoid clogs in your Cape Coral home or business, never toss paper towels, feminine hygiene products, moist cleansing towelettes, toilet scrubbers, makeup remover pads or kitty litter into the toilet. None of these items break down quickly enough, and can ultimately clog the drain and lead to the need for advanced drain cleaning solutions like hydro-jetting. The only things you should ever flush down the toilet are toilet paper and human waste.

4. Overloading the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are incredibly convenient, but some people take them for granted, which eventually leads to plumbing problems in Cape Coral homes. There are many items disposals can’t handle. To avoid a clogged kitchen drain, don’t put tough food items like celery or potato peels down a disposal, and don’t dump in large amounts of food all at once. Feed food scraps into the disposal slowly, with a continuous stream of cold running water. When in doubt, scrape uneaten food waste into the trash can, instead of the sink.

Fast, Friendly Drain Cleaning Service in Cape Coral, FL

If it’s time to get your drains thoroughly cleaned, call The Plumber’s Plumber as soon as possible. We can save you money and time with our innovative drain cleaning technology, including video camera sewer inspections and hydro-jetting, a solution that can blast through any clog with a powerful stream of pressurized water. If we discover your pipes have a problem such as a leak, crack or corrosion, we can fix the issue with dig-free plumbing rehabilitation solutions including pipe lining and pipe bursting.

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