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Simple Ways to Child-Proof Your Plumbing

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Many parents child-proof their homes to safeguard their kids from harm, but some overlook the bathrooms and kitchens, which contain most of the plumbing fixtures. As your little ones begin to explore every nook and cranny of your home, take extra time to take precautionary measures to ensure that your mind is at ease and avoid an emergency plumbing situation. Read on as The Plumber's Plumber shares some child-proofing tips for your plumbing.

Install Drain Covers

Drain covers are affordable and straightforward to install. They will help prevent your kids from throwing toys and objects down the drain and clogging the pipes. Our local plumber in North Fort Myers, FL, can help you choose from a variety of options, including screens and grates.

Install a Toilet Lid Lock

Toddlers may consider the toilet a fun toy. They enjoy exploring by flushing various items down the drain and watching the water swirl. Although entertaining for them, it can lead to costly plumbing repairs. For this reason, installing toilet lid locks is essential.

Maintain Your Plumbing System Regularly

Plumbing problems such as damaged pipes or sewage backups can put the entire household, including pets and children, in danger. Since they are unaware of the risks of drinking or touching greywater, they are more vulnerable to them. Thus, have a reputable plumbing company perform routine maintenance at least once a year to detect minor problems before they become significant.

Educate Them on Plumbing Ethics

Teaching your kids to respect the plumbing system from a young age will later save you a lot of trouble. Set boundaries for your kids, demonstrate proper plumbing habits like disposing of wipes in the trash, and teach them how to act around essential home appliances.

The Plumber's Plumber is your best option for prompt plumbing services, routine maintenance, and reliable emergency services. We will ensure that you and your family are comfortable and safe with a fully functional plumbing system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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