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The Basics of Trenchless Pipe Lining

trenchless pipe lining

Many homeowners think fixing the sewer line requires excavating their yard to access the pipeline. This method can lead to hefty costs as they need to restore their yard and landscaping after the project. However, there is now a minimally invasive and cost-effective alternative from The Plumber’s Plumber. Our trenchless sewer repair in North Fort Myers, FL, can help you avoid high expenses while leaving your surroundings intact. Here’s how it works:

Sewer Camera Inspection

To ensure a smooth sailing trenchless sewer replacement or repair, we will first inspect your pipes using a specialized high-definition camera. We insert the camera into a cleanout or other access point to assess the condition of your sewer lines and diagnose underlying problems. The camera sends live footage of the pipe interior, revealing any damage, corrosion, or obstructions.

Pipe Cleaning

After inspecting the pipes, we will clean the pipeline to prepare it for trenchless pipe lining. We often conduct hydro jetting to scour your pipe clean and remove scale, grease, debris buildup, tree roots, and other stubborn obstructions. It only uses high-pressure water and no chemicals, which means it’s completely safe and non-toxic for your pipes.

Pipe Lining

During trenchless pipe repair, we soak a felt liner in an epoxy mixture. Next, we feed the epoxy-impregnated liner into your sewer line, coating the pipe walls. After a few hours, the coating will harden and fill all the cracks, gaps, and other flaws in the existing pipe.

Once the curing process is complete, we remove the liner and perform a final quality check on your brand-new pipe. The epoxy we use is environmentally friendly and lasts for several years. It restores your sewer line to excellent working condition.

At The Plumber’s Plumber, we understand that dealing with sewer issues can be overwhelming. Rest assured we’ll work closely with you from start to finish and beyond for your peace of mind. Whether you need trenchless pipe replacement or repair, we guarantee no less than impeccable results. Get in touch with our team to schedule an appointment.

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