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The Dangers of Putting Off Sewer Repairs

The Dangers of Putting Off Sewer Repairs

Sewer line problems at home can be annoying, especially when they recur often. Many homeowners downplay sewer issues to reduce their expenses from repairs. However, this is a serious mistake. Any licensed plumber in Fort Myers, FL, would advise seeking professional help once you notice a problem in your sewer system. Here are four dangers of delaying sewer repairs.

Collapsed Pipes

Sewer leaks often manifest themselves as foul odors and slow-moving drains. While it’s easy to dismiss this problem when it doesn’t significantly affect your home yet, note that wastewater is seeping into the soil surrounding your underground pipes. Over time, the soil will erode and cause the sewer line to collapse, requiring costly trenchless pipe repair. It may also even create a sinkhole in your yard.

If the leaks have already caused irreversible damage to the sewer lines, we may recommend trenchless pipe replacement instead. Also, do not make the mistake of going for DIY methods to fix the problem.

Structural Damage

When a broken sewer pipe is left unchecked, you may end up compromising your home’s structural integrity. Sewage can leak and penetrate the soil underneath the foundation, causing it to shift. This can be expensive to fix, but you can prevent such damage with regular inspections and prompt trenchless sewer repair in Fort Myers, FL.

Harmful Microbial Growth

Mold and fungi thrive due to excessive moisture buildup in your home—and leaks, clogs, and sewer backups can contribute to their growth. Not only can they damage your home, but they can also pose health hazards. Trenchless pipe lining is perfect for averting sewer leaks, therefore preventing microbial growth.


There’s nothing more disturbing than raw sewage flowing in your house. Just like mold growth, they can leave your home with extensive damage and safety risks. Don’t wait for backups to take place with routine drain and sewer maintenance.

Whether you need trenchless sewer replacement or repair, don’t delay contacting the pros at The Plumber’s Plumber. We’ll arrive at your home on time and restore your sewer system in good working order. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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