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The Most Common Causes of Plumbing Issues

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Your family expects your plumbing to work optimally for their comfort. However, problems do happen. When they do, you need an experienced plumber in Cape Coral ,FL from The Plumber’s Plumber to stop by and make repairs. The following are the most common causes of plumbing issues.

Clogged or Overflowing Toilet

Your toilet being clogged or overflowing is a disaster, especially if it’s the only toilet in your home. This is a problem that requires immediate plumbing services to fix. Usually, the most common cause behind this plumbing issue is a buildup of too much toilet paper being flushed. It can also occur when members of your household flush down the wrong items. Everything that isn’t toilet paper or human waste should go in the trash.

Items Accidentally Falling Down the Drain

Too often, objects can fall and end up going down the drain of your sink, tub, shower or even toilet. This frequently goes unnoticed until a problem occurs over time. You may need plumbing repairs to remove the item and get the water draining like normal again.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is often a sign that there is a buildup of calcium and minerals in your pipes due to hard water. Over time, too much buildup leads to water pressure that’s too low. You can prevent this from happening in your shower by periodically cleaning the showerhead.

Clogged Drains

The biggest culprit of clogged drains in your bathroom is hair buildup. Once enough of it gets into the drain and combines with soap residue and debris, it causes a problem and you may need emergency plumbing services. Installing a mesh drain screen can help minimize the amount of hair that goes down your drains.

The Plumber’s Plumber is a plumbing company you can rely on to tackle all of your biggest plumbing issues. Contact us today for reliable plumbing solutions.

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