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Why Leave Hydro Jetting to the Pros

Why Leave Hydro Jetting to the Pros

As a homeowner, you might deal with a clogged drain at some point, no matter how hard you try to keep your drains clean. If this happens, you may be tempted to perform hydro jetting on your own instead of calling a professional from The Plumber’s Plumber. However, this method can be risky if you choose the DIY route. Here are some reasons you should leave hydro jetting in North Fort Myers, FL, to the pros.

Lack of Proper Equipment

When experiencing a clogged drain, you’ll need the right tools to remove the clog effectively. Chances are, you don’t have access to pipe jetting equipment. Moreover, it can be costly and complicated to use. It’s more affordable and time-saving to let an expert do the job for you over buying a hydro jet and figuring out how to use it safely.

Damage to Frail, Old Pipes

Regrettably, sewer pipes don’t last forever, and they become more vulnerable to cracks and breaks over time. This is why professionals always start with a comprehensive pipe inspection to assess the pipeline’s condition and identify the appropriate water pressure level for sewer jetting. Skipping this step can lead to unwanted damage and a more significant problem. 

Furthermore, without the proper knowledge and skills, hydro jetting roots yourself can allow soil and rocks to infiltrate the perforated pipes. That means you will still need drain cleaning services along with repairs to fix the damaged pipes.

Performing a Shoddy Job

While you may manage to eliminate some of the debris causing the clog when you perform DIY hydro jetting, there’s a great chance that you may leave some debris behind, leading to a shoddy job and still experiencing slow-flowing drains. This implies you’ll still hire a plumber to fix this issue, costing you more time and money.

For exceptional, cost-effective hydro jetting services in Fort Myers, FL, and nearby areas, trust only The Plumber's Plumber. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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