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Plumbing Code Violations to Avoid for a Safer Home

plumber inspecting water heater Cape Coral, FL

Plumbing codes were created to ensure all plumbing systems are safe and consistent. Even the smallest mistakes in installation or maintenance can lead to more significant problems later. Hence, it's essential to think twice about undertaking DIY projects and be more vigilant in hiring a licensed plumber in Cape Coral, FL who understands and follows the regulations. Read on to learn what plumbing violations should be avoided to keep your home safe.

Using the Wrong Types of Materials

Piping, fittings, and other components must be made of the correct materials that comply with plumbing codes and are suitable for the purpose. Otherwise, they won't withstand the water pressure and could easily corrode or break, resulting in emergency plumbing situations like burst pipes and flooding.

Improper Drain Pipe Sizing

The size of a pipe must match the fixture or drain it is connected to. Most plumbing violations of this sort involve pipes being too small for their specific use, resulting in slow drainage and backup problems.

Inaccessible or Broken Shut-Off Valves

Shut-off valves control the flow of water from one point to another, so they must be easily accessible and in good working condition. If a shut-off valve becomes corroded or defective, call in professional plumbing services and have it replaced immediately to stay up-to-code.

Taking shortcuts when it comes to plumbing can be extremely dangerous and lead to costly consequences in the future. The Plumber's Plumber knows this, which is why we prioritize safety and quality with every service. Contact us today to learn more.

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